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Hi, I’m Claire. And I’m a crazy bird lady! I have a flock of six cockatiels, each one with its own personality. More about my fids below! 

(If you don’t know what a fid is, it’s what we affectionally call our tiels – feathered kids, or fids for short).

I am a cockatiel breeder. I breed my indoor flock to produce hand-tame, sweet babies for loving new homes. Just like the three in the image at the top of this page. I love keeping in touch with all the babies and their new families, and seeing the characters they develop.


Buddy, AKA Buddy Boy.

Buddy was my first cockatiel. I bought him untamed at 8 weeks old from a very good local aviary. 

Buddy’s mutation is whiteface cinnamon clear pied. He is completely white, with just a hint of grey in his cheeks, and brown eyes.

Character-wise, Buddy is outgoing and happy to land on any visitors. Especially if they have good-looking shoes! He can be shy of new things, and won’t go near a new toy until it’s been in his cage for at least a week.


Daisy, AKA Daisy Dukes.

I got Daisy as a girlfriend for Buddy. She was a rescue who had been in multiple cages and aviaries. She was very timid with no tail when I got her. When Buddy met her, it was love at first sight!

Daisy’s mutation is normal pearl pied.

Daisy is now strong and confident, but still has stranger-danger. It can take her a while to warm to new visitors. Unless you pop open a tub of pringles!

Daisy Pearl Pied Cockatiel


Chicken, AKA Chicky Chicky

Chicken was the first baby of Buddy and Daisy, so of course I had to keep her! 

Chicken’s mutation is normal pearl pied.

Chicken is very loving, her favourite pastime is shouting at me to give her scritches! She will follow me everywhere, I think she has chosen me for her life mate. Despite my attempts to find her a boyfriend!

Chicken Pearl Pied Cockatiel


Chip, AKA Chippy-Roo.

Chip was from Buddy and Daisy’s second clutch, and the first time I saw evidence that Daisy has the whiteface gene. As their first white baby, I had to keep him too obviously!

Chip’s mutation is whiteface pearl pied.

Chip is silly tame, I can lay him on his back and he is quite settled. As long as he is getting cheek rubs! He loves to climb around everywhere, often found hanging upside-down from a swing or my curtains!

Chip Whiteface Pearl Pied Cockatiel


Angel, AKA Angel Cakes.

As Chip matured, he started to flirt with his sister Chicken. Time to get him a girlfriend! So I found Angel who was having to be surrendered by her owner. When I brought her home, it was like Chip knew she was the one!

Angel’s mutation is cinnamon pearl. A very pretty mutation!

Angel is hand tame, but far prefers the company of Chip than any human. She adores him, it’s so cute!

Angel Cinnamon Pearl Cockatiel


Chigs, AKA Mr Chigglesworth

Chigs is my attempt to find Chicken a boyfriend! I got him at 12 weeks old, untame. Taming Chigs is an ongoing process…

Chigs’ mutation is normal pearl. As he has got older, he has moulted out all his pearls but as a baby he was very pearly.

Chigs is very boisterous, but him and Chicken show no signs of ever being boyfriend and girlfriend. Not yet at least, this one might be a slow burner!

Chigs Grey Cockatiel